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SecurityTrails Blog · Oct 09 · SecurityTrails team

Top 15 Ethical Hacking Tools Used by Infosec Professionals

Automated tools now rule the Internet; you can find a few to make your social networks grow, others to answer emails automatically, and even bots to help your online customers. Of course, hacking has evolved too: nowadays you can find a lot of automated OSINT Tools that can help anyone with security research and intel reconnaissance in a way that just wasn’t possible twenty years ago.

SecurityTrails Blog · Sep 27 · SecurityTrails team

Preventing Domain Hijacking – 10 Steps to Increase your Domain Security

OS Server daemons (also known as services), as well as applications, always require security hardening to prevent remote attacks. Previously we posted two great articles about server hardening: How to prevent DNS Attacks and another one dedicated to increasing your SSH Server Security. However, your entire online business can suffer if you neglect another key part of every Internet business: your domain name.