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SecurityTrails Blog · Sep 20 · SecurityTrails team

What is a DNS Leak? How can I prevent it?

At SecurityTrails we analyze DNS servers, along with their records, domains and IP addresses, to bring you the ultimate cybersecurity treasure trove for identifying and preventing infosec issues on your company’s websites and apps. Some time ago, we published a great guide on how to prevent DNS server attacks, and today we’re moving one step forward: to explore how to prevent DNS leaks, which became a pretty popular topic with the end of the net neutrality months ago.

SecurityTrails Blog · Sep 13 · SecurityTrails team

How web software gets hacked — a history of its biggest exploits, and what may be coming in the future

When the Internet was created in the 1960s, it was envisioned as a revolutionary computer network reserved for a couple thousand researchers. There were many resources used in creating this fast and reliable network, and the security measures its developers took into consideration were mostly aimed towards preventing military threats and potential high-power intruders.