Attack Surface Reduction | ASR

Contain, log, monitor.

Contain and grow your directory of known, unknown, and suspected assets for a clear picture of your organization's shadow infrastructure — ASR provides the tools you need to break up and investigate your vulnerable points on your attack surface to prevent malicious attacks.

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Attack Surface Reduction

Attack Surface Reduction starts with real-time attack surface monitoring

Catch threats & changes before they become attacks. Track your assets over time for inventory management, exposed server detection, third party vendor investigation, subdomain discovery, mitigation of phishing & spoofing attempts, and more.

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Attack Surface Reduction Highlights

Asset Discovery Hub

Assets believed to be owned by you are surfaced by Attack Surface Reduction. You add and approve the ones that are relevant to your organization, follow them, and shine a spotlight on your shadow infrastructure, all without false positives.

Logging Asset Directory

Your subdomains, IPs, DNS records, and more are logged historically for you to follow — allowing you to spot and single out risks and threats. Take the guesswork out of tracking your assets when Attack Surface Reduction identifies potentialities for you to approve.

Monitor with Total Recon

Total Recon backs Attack Surface Reduction up with virtually all data sources: WHOIS ownership, host and port scanning, running software, domains, subdomains & associated domains, IP blocks and ownership, forward and reverse DNS, SSL transparency logs and scan data, web redirects.

ASR Features

Asset Directory

Historically logged data contained and updated — the Logging Asset Directory.

Discovery Hub

Explore and pivot over aspects of your online public footprint you didn't know were there.

ASR Silencer

The technology behind Attack Surface Reduction that reduces the noise — No false alarms, no false positives. Only the valuable information, in a single place.

Recall Markers

Tag your assets for geo breakdown, relevancy, flag for specific sites, and more.

Total Recon

Monitor your assets with all data sources backing ASR.


Business unit management made logical and efficient.

ASR Screenshots

Effective Intelligence Inventory Management

Browse trough Self Imported Records, Reverse DNS, IP Blocks and subnets, SSL certificates and WHOIS registrar information easiy in a single intel-data inventory.

SecurityTrails Pro WHOIS.

SecurityTrails Pro IP Blocks.

Attack Surface Exploration made easy

Discover your Attack Surface area within seconds, grab critical information about domain names, open ports, affected IP addresses, hosting company that is hosting the site, and even exclude results from common CDNs like Cloudflare or Incapsula.

Attack Surface Reduction Pricing

Get all features for one fixed price.

Open ports revealed, detect open ports running in your apps before the bad guys do. Old SSH protocols and vulnerable FTP ports are now revealed. Avoid manual port scans, and jump right into the problem.

Merger aware data, ASR enables you to reduce the chances of suffering a data breach during or post-acquisition with a proper cybersecurity assessment.

Create custom searching rules for your daily asset discovery tasks, search by IP Range (registrar and computed name), SSL Certificates, Domain WHOIS email addresses and organization name.

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