Esteban Borges - blog author

Esteban Borges

Before SecurityTrails, Esteban worked as a Sr. Linux System Administrator and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the web hosting sector. His background allows him to provide great insight into how security solutions are applied and managed in the real world. Hired as a security researcher and marketing manager, Esteban’s experience in technical consulting, project management, infrastructure assessment, and technical documentation/implementation bring total context to whatever security topic he’s tackling.

His passion for Linux and Cybersecurity also led him to work as a blue team manager, where he supervised OS and network hardening procedures, performed active network perimeter defense monitoring, OS log management and analysis, as well as fortifying networks from future attacks with OSINT’s key features.

When he’s not fighting the good fight, Esteban enjoys surfing on sunny beaches, studying psychology, travelling, and spending time with his family.