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Where You'll Find Us: An Overview of SecurityTrails Integrations

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Last week, we were excited to share the news about our latest SecurityTrails integration: the YETI Analytics plugin.

Now it's time to recap all the SecurityTrails integrations and tools currently using our intelligence platform.

Ready for any programming language + API wrappers

Since the beginning, we've always thought that the security platform we wanted to build had to have a solid and flexible API, so it could be integrated with any programming language or applications in use.

Our security API has already been integrated into several apps, plugins and security tools.

The API documentation is fully updated so you can access full examples for JavaScript, Node, Perl, Python, PHP, Swift and many other languages.

In addition to these examples, bound to specific programming languages by using the HTTP clients of each language, we also offer a list of contributed popular API wrappers and software integrations to make your life even easier.

The timeline of the launches of API wrappers and integrations:

Timeline of API wrappers and integrations launches

Overview of the wrappers written for the SecurityTrails API so far

R programming language

Author: Bob Rudis February 2019


Author: Manabu Niseki November 2018

Python 3.7 (fork of 2.7 module)

Author: Adam M. Swanda March 2019

Python 3 (pysecuritytrails)

Author: Tek April 2018

Python 2.7

Author: Mickey Perre April 2018


Author: Alexander Gebhardt June 2018

A list of SecurityTrails integrations to date

YETI Analytics Plugin

Author: Manabu Niseki May 2019

A SecurityTrails analytics plugin for the YETI threat intelligence platform. By using this plugin you'll be able to organize indicators of compromise, and boost observables by performing queries to our domain and passive DNS API.


Author: Jeff Foley December 2018

This integration allows you to create a subdomain map easily, by using various techniques such as scraping data sources, recursive brute forcing, crawling web archives, permuting/altering names, reverse DNS sweeping, and also by querying DNS APIs like the one we offer here at SecurityTrails.

Cortex Analyzer for SecurityTrails

Author: Manabu Niseki October 2018

It's a set of Cortex analyzers plugins to work with our passive DNS features.

Cortex will let you run your threat intelligence, digital forensics and incident response tasks in a centralized platform. Installation of this particular analyzer is easy from any terminal, and it includes a friendly GUI-based interface where you can run queries and fetch results.

Author: Jonathan Cran October 2018

Intrigue collects publicly available information about the external attack surface using open source intelligence. Use this integration to map out publicly-facing systems, exposed services, and applications.

Phantom App Integration

Author: Mickey Perre May 2018

Phantom gives you the ability to analyze phishing attacks, hacking attempts and allows you to collaborate with your team and generate security reports. If you're already a Phantom user, you'll surely enjoy using our API features that allow you to launch new queries to grab intel information about IP addresses, domain names and DNS records.

Spiderfoot Plugin

Author: Steve Micallef March 2018

This plugin will let you run new scans, then automatically launch different API queries against public services like DNS, Whois, passive DNS and many others, to reveal sensitive information about the target website. The data can be organized and displayed in graphs or using a row-based style.

Splunk Plugin for SecurityTrails

Author: Mickey Perre February 2018

The required configuration is minimal, and once you have your Splunk web-server running it only takes a few minutes to configure your API key, to start launching manual queries against our API. This plugin allows you to work with Splunk Adaptive Response to launch fast & automated DNS lookups and get information that will help you to prevent future attacks on your company web infrastructure, domains and DNS.

Are you a developer working on infosec tools?

Here at SecurityTrails we offer free API accounts and credits for infosec researchers and developers who want to integrate our powerful API.

So now's your chance to get your head in the game. Join a league of your wisest peers—boost your infosec tools with our intelligence platform for domain, DNS, IP addresses, SSL certificates and port scanning solutions.

Request your free API account today, or book a SurfaceBrowser™ demo with our sales team today to learn how you can boost your threat intelligence and passive DNS toolkit.

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