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SecurityTrails Blog · Jan 06 · by Security Trails Team

Introducing ASRv2: The Next Level in Attack Surface Reduction

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After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our Attack Surface Reduction tool’s latest version: ASRv2!

Attack Surface Reduction v2 is your best ally for exploring the Internet surface area of your organization, giving you visibility over your company’s network, digital assets, and applications in a single place. Gaining visibility allows you to see the unknown—and take decisive actions to reduce the risks you face.

Get started for free - the attack surface report is on us!

With the launch of ASRv2 we’re offering you an Attack Surface Report and giving you a glimpse into our own security data—for free. Find any security risks in your network and take action. You can expect to see:

  • Your entire online infrastructure
  • A list of all of your digital assets
  • Immediate security risks
  • Web hosting intelligence

Know the Internet surface area of your organization:

With no obligations, or credits cards. Available for a limited time:

Get your free Attack Surface Report

What benefits will you get from ASRv2?

Explore your digital assets

You’ll be able to spotlight all of the common hostnames related to your target. But it doesn’t stop there: you can also bring up all possibly forgotten domain data, such as that related to apps, services, vpn-gateways, and more.

Attack surface reduction

Manage your inventory

With ASRv2 you’ll have a unified view of all your discovered infrastructure data while staying advised on possible security issues, including:

  • IP’s pointing local
  • Remote access points with open ports
  • VPN endpoints which can be exploited if vulnerable
  • SSL certificates and their expiration status
  • Related soon-to-be expired apex domains

Unveil possible risks

Get a security-wise perspective of your online infrastructure and take action to stop any security risks, such as:

  • Open database ports
  • Self-signed certificates which could indicate a service misconfiguration
  • Staging or development subdomains that could mean that servers aren’t properly protected, and could be compromised

Set custom alerts

Your infrastructure changes, and you need to be notified as it happens. Get proactive alerts and see any unwanted configurations or changes to your infrastructure ASAP.

Take control over your entire online infrastructure

Stay one step ahead of the bad guys and prevent attack by gaining a new level of awareness over your attack surface with ASRv2. To test it out - sign up for ASR Free:

Know the Internet surface area of your organization: SIGN UP FOR ASR FREE