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SecurityTrails Blog · Jun 24 · by Esteban Borges

June Product Updates: New Provider Dossier, ASR Free, and Unified Product Experience

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A few weeks have passed since our last product update, and for the month of June we’re excited to announce several new items for Attack Surface Reduction™ v2, SurfaceBrowser™ and our free public application.

Provider Dossier

SurfaceBrowser™ now includes a new provider dossier feature that enables you to get a quick overview of the organization’s hosting-related data—such as company type, description, address, and acquisitions over time, as shown in the following screenshot:


New free ASR version

Over the past few months, our engineers and product team have been working hard to release a free version of our popular Attack Surface Reduction v2 solution. Now, ASR Free enables you to check your organization’s internet-facing infrastructure instantly by providing exposed ports, public assets, detection of private IPs/hosts pointing local, and more!

Attack Surface Reduction

Unified product experience

SurfaceBrowser™ as well as our public application have received new UI updates including a fresh new sidebar, light and dark theme, and layouts and buttons with new rounded borders. These and future product design updates share the common goal of unifying the SecurityTrails product experience.


Other notable product updates include:

  • [SurfaceBrowser™] Removed the 10k limit for associated domains in the SurfaceBrowser™ sidebar and also on /app/sb/domain/[domain]/associated
  • [Attack Surface Reduction™] The Explore page can now collapse IPs. More can be shown by clicking the +n.
  • [Attack Surface Reduction™] Users can now submit hostnames using the new endpoint
  • [Attack Surface Reduction™] Downloads added to ASR sections for SSL (/inventory/ssl-certificates) and Apex domains (/inventory/apex-domains)

Connect with us on Twitter and let us know what you think about these new features. Stay tuned for further updates!

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