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New SurfaceBrowser™ Features: Company Activity & New Associations

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Here at SecurityTrails we're committed to doing our best, and it's thanks to your constant support and feedback that we're able to create amazing infosec-data based products to make your life easier than ever.

In the past few weeks our engineering and product teams have been working hard to push new exciting updates for SurfaceBrowser™, one of our core enterprise products. Check out the following new features we are proud to announce today:

Company Activity Log

A new block area named 'Activity' was added to the SurfaceBrowser™ left menu.

This option lets you track newly observed subdomains easily that can be visualized by host name and 'First seen' dates.

As shown in the video above, tracking all the subdomains from any organization is easier than ever with our new logging capabilities, which not only allow you to find new added domains, but also pivot between all of them for immediate DNS intelligence on any such hosts.

Company Associated Data

Gaining insight on all the data associated with a company has always been one of our main goals. Our first step in that direction was launching our 'Associated Domains' feature.

And as a data-driven company, we're now going two steps forward by adding new associated information that can be related to any organization. This includes 'Mergers & Acquisitions' and 'Sub Organizations'.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The new 'Mergers and Acquisitions' feature will give you intelligence data to detect when the changes happened, the company involved, and the domain name associated with that event.

As we all know, performing Mergers and Acquisitions cybersecurity auditing is essential for keeping your infrastructure secure and avoiding the addition of problems to your existing assets. This new feature aims to help you detect any merger or acquisition in time, giving you access to the new acquired company data.

Sub Organizations

When analyzing companies, sub organizations are another layer that's often overlooked. Trying to show you as much data as possible, the Sub Organization option in the SurfaceBrowser™ dashboard will let you browse information by:

  • Company name
  • Role
  • Founded on
  • Apex domain

Report Feedback

We've also integrated a new 'Report Feedback' form into our SurfaceBrowser™ dashboard, which lets you share any suggestions, concerns and questions regarding this product.

Don't hesitate to send us your feedback anytime, as our products are growing and getting more and more polished every day, thanks to your constant feedback and support.

SurfaceBrowser™ aims to help researchers, companies and IT teams get the most critical data about any organization available in an instant.

Are you ready to start using our next-generation intelligence platform? Book a demo with our sales team today.

Esteban Borges Blog Author

Esteban is a seasoned cybersecurity specialist, and marketing manager with nearly 20 years of experience. Since joining SecurityTrails in 2017 he’s been our go-to for technical server security and source intelligence info.

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