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Insider Threats in Cybersecurity: The Enemy Comes From Within.
SecurityTrails Blog · Aug 18 · by Sara Jelen

Insider Threats in Cybersecurity: The Enemy Comes From Within

People, process, and technology are the pillars of cybersecurity. And while people are every organization’s best asset, they are also its biggest weakness. Security technology continuously evolves to counter emerging security threats and new techniques, but there is one threat that can’t be thwarted by merely employing new tools and processes. The biggest security threats of today are not the result of malicious attackers, advanced persistent threats, or malware. They come from within.

DNS Privacy: Minimizing end-to-end Exposure.
SecurityTrails Blog · Jul 30 · by Nicolas Pence

DNS Privacy: Minimizing end-to-end Exposure

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most important services running behind the scenes that allows the Internet to work effectively every day. Also, it’s one of the most forgotten and abused which was covered previously in the “DNS attacks” article. Today we’ll address some of the ins and outs of its inner workings and review some helpful resources that will help minimize the chances of traffic sniffing (password leaking anyone?).