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Exploring Watering Hole Attacks: Tactics, Examples and Prevention.
SecurityTrails Blog · Nov 10 2020 · by Sara Jelen

Exploring Watering Hole Attacks: Tactics, Examples and Prevention

In order to survive, cybercrime must evolve. Cybersecurity experts are constantly working on tools, tactics and practices to monitor, prevent and respond to threats, patch vulnerabilities and avoid zero day threats. And while technology is constantly evolving, cybercriminals are constantly creating new attacks to fit the trends as well as tweak existing attacks to avoid detection.

Understanding Data Loss Prevention - DLP.
SecurityTrails Blog · Nov 03 2020 · by Sara Jelen

Understanding Data Loss Prevention - DLP

Data loss has long been a serious issue for businesses of all sizes. Yet despite growing awareness surrounding the issue — and the security measures taken to prevent it — the number of data breaches continues to grow every year. Even worse, losing data isn’t only just losing data: it also brings with it financial impact, loss of customer trust, corporate liability, loss of current and future business, and often some very hefty legal fines.

Recon Safari #1: A Closer Look at Friendemic’s Data Breach.
SecurityTrails Blog · Oct 19 2020 · by Sara Jelen

Recon Safari #1: A Closer Look at Friendemic’s Data Breach

We’ve been having some Friday fun running SecurityTrails Recon Safari on Twitter. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted over 30 successful investigations that were easy to research thanks to SecurityTrails API™ and SurfaceBrowser™. And as a result, Recon Safari began in the form of long Twitter threads, eventually evolving into fun and digestible infographics, ultimately followed by a writeup on our blog.