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Internet Scanning: Definition, Benefits, Brief History and Tools.
SecurityTrails Blog · May 13 · by Gianni Perez

Internet Scanning: Definition, Benefits, Brief History and Tools

Since its inception, the concept known as the “Internet” has been shaped and reshaped under a constant barrage of new ideas and architectural improvements. As a result, the distributed network has also endured, with various success rates, a growing influx of forbidding conditions ranging from a dizzying array of malicious artifacts to skillful attacks on its very fabric and functionality. For all its breadth and depth, this established reality should come as no surprise; after all, the internet wades deeper and deeper into the tapestry of human culture, amassing remarkable achievements even amidst the most sophisticated threats.

Cyber Extortion: Definition, Examples and Prevention.
SecurityTrails Blog · May 11 · by Sara Jelen

Cyber Extortion: Definition, Examples and Prevention

In 2020, Travelex—the world’s largest currency dealer at the time—was caught in the middle of a public and devastating cyber extortion campaign. Attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Pulse Connect Secure VPN (which had a patch available) to extract data, for which they demanded payment of a $6 million ransom in exchange for its release.

Redefining What it Means to be a Hacker with Eric Head aka todayisnew.
SecurityTrails Blog · May 04 · by Sara Jelen

Redefining What it Means to be a Hacker with Eric Head aka todayisnew

There is a growing awareness, especially in the media, of hackers representing a force for good and addressing the security needs of an increasingly interconnected society. Hackers were once portrayed as those that wished harm and, in the minds of the public, conjured images of a lone individual threatening our online safety.

Top 12 Bug Bounty Browser Extensions.
SecurityTrails Blog · Apr 20 · by Sara Jelen

Top 12 Bug Bounty Browser Extensions

Web browser extensions give additional functionality to normal browsers, running in the background and helping users increase the efficiency of their tasks. Even security professionals and bug bounty hunters, while boasting more advanced and technical tools in their toolstacks, aren’t skipping out on using browser extensions, plugins and add-ons for quick information gathering, OSINT collection, and aiding in executing different attacks. These methods reduce the need for more separate tools for other pen testing and bug hunting tasks.