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Application Programming Interfaces, better known as APIs, are the standard method of integrating, improving and sharing data over online services. They are available for setting up websites, ecommerce platforms, payment wallets, interacting with social networks, and more. There are of course, APIs for cybersecurity as well.

Cybersecurity APIs come in handy in different scenarios, such as detecting malware and viruses, cyber fraud investigations, brand monitoring, exploring your attack surface area, and bug bounty programs, among others. Coincidentally, in this blog post category, you’ll find articles dedicated to the 12 best cybersecurity APIs, OSINT APIs used primarily by red teams, APIs that are useful for blue teams and other defenders.

And since we have our own SecurityTrails API™ that provides data for security companies, researchers and teams (allowing them to access both current and historical data with the ability to embed it into applications), a blog category was sure to follow.

With the wealth of security data we offer via our API — such as DNS record history, current and historical WHOIS data, passive DNS, real-time domain, IP and hostname data and more, there are numerous ways in which it can be useful, prompting our blog posts that highlight the use cases. We’ve always stressed the need for a flexible API that’s easily integrated with any programming language or application, so you’ll also find an overview and in-depth announcements of all our integrations.