Bug Bounty Hunting: Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Bug bounty hunters have long been avid fans of SecurityTrails data, and our special relationship with that community has brought many resources, partnerships and tools to life. This category shares information about our Bug Bounty Hunter’s Toolkit and how to get it, details about our month-long effort of putting Bug Bounty Hunting Month together, as well as all technical resources, candid interviews and tool releases for the month.

We’ll also continue our commitment to conducting interviews with industry experts, creating technical guides, and sharing tips for bug bounty hunters. You’ll find them all in this section.

IP Reconnaissance for Bug Bounty Hunters with SurfaceBrowser™.
SecurityTrails Blog · Mar 25 · by Esteban Borges

IP Reconnaissance for Bug Bounty Hunters with SurfaceBrowser™

IP reconnaissance is often the base and a starting point of any security research or bug hunt. This is simply because scanning any IP address can lead you to an individual host in question—and once you’ve found the host, the possibilities are limitless. From there you may find running services, open ports, databases, unsecured files and much more. Everything begins with finding and scanning the IP address.

Host Discovery Tips for Bug Bounty Hunters with the SecurityTrails API.
SecurityTrails Blog · Mar 18 · by Gianni Perez

Host Discovery Tips for Bug Bounty Hunters with the SecurityTrails API

Despite a growing corpus of dire predictions and research surrounding the state of information security at large, companies continue to expand their digital footprint to encompass a vast array of cutting edge, yet often dissimilar, architectures. From a historical perspective, there is nothing new under the sun at play here; after all, information technology patent citations have steadily dominated those of adjacent industries at least since the 1970s, creating a constant influx of knowledge spillover and innovation that accounts for the exponential growth.