Bug Bounty Hunting: Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Bug bounty hunting is one of the most sought-after jobs for young, creative hackers, with crowdsourced security models spearheading such efforts throughout organizations and bug bounty platforms. For many, the challenge of finding bugs—before the bad guys do—is a highly lucrative career option.

Bug bounty hunters themselves have been some of the most devoted users of the SecurityTrails API™ since our early days. To celebrate this special relationship, and to support the modern superheroes that hackers and bug bounty hunters truly are, we started our Bug Bounty Hunting Month on March 15, 2021.

For an entire month, we collaborated and released numerous technical blogs, how-tos and interviews with your favorite people from the bug bounty hunting community. We also released our new pricing plan, the Bug Bounty Hunter’s Toolkit, available only through our network of partners. All of this content, including tips, interviews and information about our efforts in the bug bounty hunting community can be found in this category. And we’ll continue creating, collaborating, providing support and releasing content for one of the best communities in the space.

5 minutes to Build a Basic Monitoring and Alerting System for New Subdomains.
SecurityTrails Blog · May 20 2021 · by Luke Stephens

5 minutes to Build a Basic Monitoring and Alerting System for New Subdomains

I spent a very long time automating my recon for bug bounties. I collaborated with a couple of friends for about 12 months to build out an automation beast. We had a custom framework, and constant recon scanning with good distribution (at times we scaled up to 100+ servers). We stored data on millions of targets and had Slack notifications for vulnerability detection. It was the third iteration of our automation and we thought it was great. I mean, it was pretty great, and it definitely helped us earn some cash on a few popular bounty programs.

Top 12 Bug Bounty Browser Extensions.
SecurityTrails Blog · Apr 20 2021 · by Sara Jelen

Top 12 Bug Bounty Browser Extensions

Web browser extensions give additional functionality to normal browsers, running in the background and helping users increase the efficiency of their tasks. Even security professionals and bug bounty hunters, while boasting more advanced and technical tools in their toolstacks, aren’t skipping out on using browser extensions, plugins and add-ons for quick information gathering, OSINT collection, and aiding in executing different attacks. These methods reduce the need for more separate tools for other pen testing and bug hunting tasks.

IP Reconnaissance for Bug Bounty Hunters with SurfaceBrowser™.
SecurityTrails Blog · Mar 25 2021 · by Esteban Borges

IP Reconnaissance for Bug Bounty Hunters with SurfaceBrowser™

IP reconnaissance is often the base and a starting point of any security research or bug hunt. This is simply because scanning any IP address can lead you to an individual host in question—and once you’ve found the host, the possibilities are limitless. From there you may find running services, open ports, databases, unsecured files and much more. Everything begins with finding and scanning the IP address.

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