Cybersecurity & Infosec Conferences: News and Reviews

Conferences are an important part of any industry; you can network with your peers in a less formal environment (well, depending on the conference), learn new skills, listen to thought-provoking and innovative ideas and lectures, promote your business with customers and vendors, and stay on top of all the latest trends and technologies.

Cybersecurity is no different in that regard — maybe offering even more in some respects.. While the industry can feel like an “exclusive” group to outsiders, those who gather find it’s quite the opposite. Many conferences around the globe and throughout the year prove just how well our industry is connected, and filled with amazing people who want to share their knowledge, insights, or just a laugh and a beer with their peers. SecurityTrails has been present at the world’s leading industry conferences for many years now, and our love for cybersecurity conferences warranted its own section of our blog.

While a newer category (with the current situation in 2020 making attending conferences impossible), we offer insights on the best talks from DEFCON, BlackHat and Chaos Communication Congress; the candid experience of our writer who visited 36c3; and one of our audience favorites: a list of all cybersecurity conferences currently held in 2020, which is constantly updated and shaping up to make way for its 2021 successor.