Domain Security: News, Tips and Tools

Company online presence relies heavily on a domain name. You register a domain name under the pretense that it’s yours — and safe. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. As your business relies on it, damage can be done if one of its key parts is neglected, security-wise.

Domains can be compromised in different ways and are a prime target for cyber criminals — they can allow attackers to gain access to your company’s, and your customers’, sensitive information. Losing a domain name through a 3rd-party attack, losing control over your account or email, loss of web access, and a compromised customer database are just a few consequences of weak domain security.

Additionally, domain names are among the first things checked during a cybersecurity investigation. They are a true treasure trove of information that, if analyzed correctly, can reveal secrets about the target company, the individuals in and behind it, their servers, IPs, technology, and more.

Wondering how to prevent domain and DNS hijacking? How to protect your account at the registrar? Or maybe you want to find out if your company is part of a scam campaign? Well, we’ve got you covered. We recognize the importance of domain security (after all, it’s one of our areas of expertise), so we’ve dedicated a full category of posts to it. You’ll find the above topics explored for your benefit, and a full 4-part series on domain security, in our “Domains” category.