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Common Cyber Security Risks to Watch Out For.
SecurityTrails Blog · Sep 01 · by Sara Jelen

Common Cyber Security Risks to Watch Out For

Data and information are power. From private companies and enterprises to government agencies, schools, health care organizations and non-profit foundations, every type of business or institution regards its data as its greatest treasure. That treasure can contain personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, and medical records, as well as intellectual property—including patents, trademarks, financial information, and more.

Insider Threats in Cybersecurity: The Enemy Comes From Within.
SecurityTrails Blog · Aug 18 · by Sara Jelen

Insider Threats in Cybersecurity: The Enemy Comes From Within

People, process, and technology are the pillars of cybersecurity. And while people are every organization’s best asset, they are also its biggest weakness. Security technology continuously evolves to counter emerging security threats and new techniques, but there is one threat that can’t be thwarted by merely employing new tools and processes. The biggest security threats of today are not the result of malicious attackers, advanced persistent threats, or malware. They come from within.

Top 100+ Best Security Companies in 2020.
SecurityTrails Blog · Jun 23 · by Sara Jelen

Top 100+ Best Security Companies in 2020

With organizations connecting their critical business operations and sensitive data to information technology systems, they rely on a number of networks, software, protocols and services. This makes detecting intrusion and threats increasingly challenging. And particularly when it’s necessary to determine the essential who, where, how and why before a threat results in an actual cyber attack, disrupting operations and compromising sensitive data.

Covert Channel Discovery: Understanding Network Extrusions.
SecurityTrails Blog · Jun 18 · by Nicolas Pence

Covert Channel Discovery: Understanding Network Extrusions

Based on a true series of events: “…I was ready to begin this long-awaited vacation at that awesome paradisical location I’ve been dreaming of for years. Oh no! The moment I stepped out of the room it hit me: I’d completely forgotten to send that incredibly urgent and important email before leaving home. This needs to be fixed right now! But how? Look at me, I’m at this oceanic hotel villa under a palm tree in the middle of nowhere. Internet pricing here is absurd, there’s no way I’ll pay for this… what can I do?”