Enterprise Security: Tools, Reviews, Tips and Tricks

In the past, corporations and large organizations were usually the targets of cyber attacks. Today, however, organizations of all sizes need to be mindful of cyber threats lurking in the wild, and need to work towards a goal of impenetrable security.

Along with our Tips category that shares resources for the more strategic side of cybersecurity, our “Enterprise Security” category tackles the risk of unauthorized access and the securing of all entry points.

Enterprise security covers all strategies, techniques and processes that secure digital assets and critical information against malicious attackers trying to gain unauthorized access to an organization's system and networks. This area encompasses the “Technology, People and Processes” involved, with the goal of focusing on the strategic, legal and cultural requirements needed to protect an organization’s information.

In this category, you’ll find in-depth information about different aspects of enterprise security, including common security risks for organizations of all sizes, concepts such as Zero Trust, advanced persistent threats, ransomware attacks, and of course, a bit on the security teams responsible for creating and maintaining the cybersecurity posture of an organization — red teams, blue teams, purple teams, security operations centers, and more.

Reactive vs. Proactive Security: Which Is Better?.
SecurityTrails Blog · May 25 · by Sara Jelen

Reactive vs. Proactive Security: Which Is Better?

As networks and technology rapidly evolve, many organizations face the challenges of expanding their attack surface. A truly successful approach to dealing with these challenges involves multiple layers of protection that encompass networks, devices, data and people. And to add more fuel to issues brought on by technology and security sprawl growth, malicious actors are constantly working on new techniques, tools and methods to execute attacks on organizations’ data.

Shadow IT and Its Security Risks - Managing the Unseen.
SecurityTrails Blog · May 18 · by Sara Jelen

Shadow IT and Its Security Risks - Managing the Unseen

Cloud computing is beneficial. Many organizations already know this and are reaping the benefits cloud adoption has brought them: reduced IT costs, scalability, collaboration efficiency and, above all else, flexibility in accessing storage and software to meet their needs. Users can now more easily engage services and solutions that will make their everyday jobs easier.