Government Security: News, Tools, Tips and Tricks

When it comes to the government, cybersecurity isn’t just a part of business strategy. If the public sector suffers an attack, it can create consequences for national security. Any attack on the critical infrastructure of a single sector can cause disruption in other sectors as well. Today, not only do nation states carry out cyber attacks on other governments (with the skills and technical resources required to do so), there are non-state actors and cybercriminals, both domestic and foreign, targeting the public sector.

Attacks that malicious actors target towards the government and the public sector are DDoD attacks, phishing, ransomware, viruses and advanced persistent threats. In recent news, we’ve seen attacks intending the theft of intellectual property and sensitive medical research. Add to that the fact that government websites are notoriously lacking in protection, and you’re looking at a very big threat.

As government security is crucial to the development of cybersecurity as we know it (involving so much of our everyday lives and sovereignty), we’ve given it a category of its own.

In our “Government Security” category, you’ll find fun and informative posts that won’t be of interest to government employees alone. Posts sharing how you can use our subdomain feature to find FBI subdomains, what happens when the FBI seizes a website, and a deep dive into an event where a DNS misconfiguration led to exposing a full list of Russian TLD zones, are just a few that will teach and entertain you at the same time.