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We aim to be the biggest treasure trove of security data available. And if we want you to rely on us, it’s important to keep you informed on our quest for the perfect solution.

Transparency about our data is a top priority — including what we’re doing with it and any quirks we find along the way. This is why we keep a regularly updated Changelog where you can see everything our engineers bring forth: product updates, launches, bug fixes. We also keep everything fresh on the blog in our News category, where each month we highlight all of those updates and changes to keep you fully informed about all of our products.

You’ll find writeups from our team retreats and gatherings in our News section as well, including the first marketing and product meetup in Las Vegas during our early days, the meetup in Budapest, and one of the most recent events in Bali. All company-wide updates such as the SecurityTrails data bounty program, updates to our domain discovery pipeline and announcements of all of our new integrations and wrappers can be found in this category.

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Recon Safari #1: A Closer Look at Friendemic’s Data Breach.
SecurityTrails Blog · Oct 19 2020 · by Sara Jelen

Recon Safari #1: A Closer Look at Friendemic’s Data Breach

We’ve been having some Friday fun running SecurityTrails Recon Safari on Twitter. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted over 30 successful investigations that were easy to research thanks to SecurityTrails API™ and SurfaceBrowser™. And as a result, Recon Safari began in the form of long Twitter threads, eventually evolving into fun and digestible infographics, ultimately followed by a writeup on our blog.