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Information security is a rapidly changing, dynamic field with new attacks, breaches, technologies and vulnerabilities sprouting daily. And with such an influx of information, facts can be overlooked. Research and deeper investigation into these topics, however, can help us identify further potential threats while improving situational awareness, attack attribution and even defenses against future attacks.

In the “Research” category, we show you how SecurityTrails tools can help uncover what’s beneath the surface of controversial websites, malware, cybercrime campaigns, data breaches and bugs that make the headlines.

One of our earliest research projects here is a look into how you can track and trace websites who promote violence and other illegal activities (such as The Daily Stormer) through their DNS records. Among our later explorations, you’ll see our looks at malicious domain campaigns in the wake of hurricane Florence, cryptojacking campaigns, shutting down 8chan and, of course, our Recon Safari series.

Recon Safari #1: A Closer Look at Friendemic’s Data Breach.
SecurityTrails Blog · Oct 19 2020 · by Sara Jelen

Recon Safari #1: A Closer Look at Friendemic’s Data Breach

We’ve been having some Friday fun running SecurityTrails Recon Safari on Twitter. Over the past few months, we’ve conducted over 30 successful investigations that were easy to research thanks to SecurityTrails API™ and SurfaceBrowser™. And as a result, Recon Safari began in the form of long Twitter threads, eventually evolving into fun and digestible infographics, ultimately followed by a writeup on our blog.

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