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Hacker vs Cracker: Main Differences Explained.
SecurityTrails Blog · Jul 11 · SecurityTrails team

Hacker vs Cracker: Main Differences Explained

Media coverage of data breaches is increasing rapidly, especially with the public’s watchful eye on organizations and the vulnerable systems they work with — easy targets for exploitation. However, the less-than-dramatic truth is that the frequency and scale of data breaches hasn’t really soared* in the past decade, even if people are still at great risk of having their data exposed. The media itself has brought on the hype and created a fear culture around data breaches and malicious attackers.

DNS Hijacking: How to Identify and Protect Against It.
SecurityTrails Blog · Jun 13 · SecurityTrails team

DNS Hijacking: How to Identify and Protect Against It

A cyber threat thought by many to be a thing of the past has seen its resurrection over the past couple of months. Earlier in the year, we saw reports about widespread DNS hijacking campaigns targeting the Middle East and North Africa with a few in Europe and the US. That was followed by information about DNS hijacking attacks targeting home routers and phishing websites that imitate Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Gmail and more.