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Nmap Scripts (NSE): The Key To Enhance Your Network Scans.
SecurityTrails Blog · Nov 21 2019 · by Esteban Borges

Nmap Scripts (NSE): The Key To Enhance Your Network Scans

Nmap is, quite simply, the best port scanner around. We love it because it offers easy installation, simple usage syntax and great results, as we previously explored in our Nmap commands article. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Nmap isn’t just a common tool we all use for port scanning IP ranges from time to time—it offers much more than that. So if you really want to boost your Nmap scanning capabilities, keep reading. Today we’ll take a close look at the Nmap Scripting Engine, known as NSE.

List of All Cybersecurity Conferences to Attend in 2020.
SecurityTrails Blog · Last updated on Apr 16 2020 · by Sara Jelen

List of All Cybersecurity Conferences to Attend in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is significantly changing our daily routines and how we live our lives. Consequently, it has led to many events and, with that, industry conferences we were all so excited to attend, to be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled. This is why we have updated our list of the best cybersecurity conferences in 2020 to reflect whether the events will take place, have been postponed or moved online. Additionally, our spreadsheet has also been updated with details about whether, and when, the events will take place. You can download the updated list here. Conferences are an important part of any industry: they allow you to meet with your peers in a less formal environment, expand your professional network and stay on top of all the latest trends and concepts in your industry.