Attack Surface Reduction

Smaller targets are harder to hit!

ASR prevents attacks by bringing greater awareness to your attack surface. Manage both critical assets and shadow infrastructure for a complete picture of your digital risks. It's not a weakness if you catch it in time.

Learn how Attack Surface Reduction can keep your team one step ahead.

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Attack Surface Reduction

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Stay one step ahead with Attack Surface Reduction

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Stop uploading static lists of domains and IPs for your organization

Start using rule-based asset discovery, dynamically updated every day

Attack surface management made easy

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Surface AwarenessRisk AssessmentAsset DirectoryInfrastructure Alerts
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  • Target

    Fully know your network's presence

    Be completely aware of your internet-facing infrastructure by having a detailed digital-fingerprint inventory at your disposal.

  • Eye

    See potential threats coming

    Detect and understand the different security risks your organization may face, it’s simple with our automated asset analysis.

  • Brickwall

    Visualize and organize digital assets

    See everything instantly. Gather all information related to your project’s apex_domain, subdomains and associated domains through a single easy-to-use interface.

  • Directory

    Know of any changes asap

    Detect any changes across your infrastructure and be the first to know when new subdomains or domains are added to your organization.

Know the Internet surface area of your organization

Give your team an edge with data that makes a difference.

See your Attack Surface Now

  • Magic

    Attack surface reduction rules

    Quickly customize your discovery rules, and start receiving info about the latest sub and associated domains that are important to you.

  • Cert

    Catch expiring SSL certificates

    See all SSL certs that are about to expire at a simple glance. Take action to prevent a future lapse in your site’s encryption.

  • AP

    Detect remote access points

    Know precisely which server endpoints are accessible remotely, determine whether to disable, or increase your remote access security.

  • Manifier

    Uncover DNS records pointing to local networks

    Scan and identify all DNS records pointing to your local networks that may be exposing your internal network infrastructure to the Internet.

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Surface AwarenessRisk AssessmentAsset DirectoryInfrastructure Alerts
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Detect risks before the bad guys do

Discover database open ports, self-signed certificates, staging and dev subdomains before they become real threats to your organization. Literally, in less than 10 seconds

Attack Surface Reduction Benefits


Attack Surface Reduction spotlights and maps all your Internet-connected assets with great accuracy and less false-positives. If you have any shadow or forgotten infrastructure ASR will find it asap.


Make the big picture make more sense. Streamline how you see digital assets like VPS servers, cloud infrastructure, and host-connected bare-metal instances for better planning later.


Be proactive about your cybersecurity with our trustworthy data. Make the right call when it comes to securing online servers, dev VPS, public subdomains, and much more.

Explore your Attack Surface today

Uncover your Organization’s Attack Surface instantly.

Gain visibility over all your digital assets, including activity, open ports, SSL certificates, and more. See the complete picture of your digital risks.

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