Logo and Brand

The elements of the SecurityTrails™ visual identity

Brand usage guide

Our brand name must be written as the single word "SecurityTrails" with the "S" and "T" capitalized as shown. Our logotype and monogram must not be altered in any way, and their use must adhere to the following rules:

SecurityTrails brand logo

  • Do not change their color in any way.
  • Do not use them on backgrounds providing insufficient contrast.
  • Do not rearrange elements of their design.
  • Do not stretch, distort or add effects to the logomark or monogram.
  • Do not change the orientation of their elements.
  • Do not compress logotype or monogram files in any way that may alter their original high quality.
  • Always provide clear space around the logotype, as shown below:


Our logo is the internal and external representation of our company. It must be used uniformly and consistently and cannot be modifed.

SecurityTrails logo dark

Dark + Transparent Background

SecurityTrails logo white

White + Transparent Background

Download Logo Files


Our monogram consists of the letters “S” and “T” combined in a unique form. It provides an opportunity for branding when space is restricted (e.g. website favicon), when square proportions are required, or whenever its use is otherwise more appropriate. We offer two variants:

SecurityTrails monogram dark

Dark + Transparent Background

SecurityTrails monogram white

White + Transparent Background

Download Monogram Files


Colors used for SecurityTrails™ brand identity:




Inter Black

Body and Subheadings

Inter Regular
Inter Bold

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Service Disruption

API, SurfaceBrowser
Feb 4th, 04:22 PM

Test status - UPDATED

“ Identifying the issue ”
impact: none | status: identified
API, Feeds
Feb 4th, 04:19 PM

Api and Feeds pages effected

“ Investigating the issue with the Api ”
impact: minor | status: investigating
Corporate Website
Jan 27th, 12:01 PM

Main site minor issue

“ Site test issue that was identified and in the process of resolution. Our staff is working to mitigate the issue. ”
impact: minor | status: identified