IP, Domain, and Company enrichment Feeds

SecurityTrails provides you with high-quality data feeds that are always up-to-date and available for use within your applications.

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Currently available feeds for data enrichment

Domain Data

List of all Domains

Get the latest list of all discovered ccTLD and gTLD domains.

Domain Data

List of Subdomains

You can download the frequently updated list of all subdomains. Subdomains are available for any domain in our database.

Domain & Company Data

Domain attribution

Get the associated domains list filled with unified and clear text of company names, which shows you domain attribution.

Domain & Company Data

Certificate Transparency Logs

All certificate transparency logs are in unified format, ready for any extraction of information about publicly trusted certificate logs, such as public key information, common name and issuer.

Domain Data

DMARC scans

Get the list of DMARC records for all domains we have in our database.

IP & Port data

Port Scans

Active and passive scans of open ports, frequently updated to ensure no port is skipped.

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What is our data used for?

IP and domain enrichment

Building custom crawlers

Offline investigations

Cybersecurity insurance underwriting

Understanding web technology adoption

Market share reports

DomainLists is a TLD zone-file feed with over 1,287 gTLDs and ccTLDs available and daily updated. They are available as simple CSV downloads and APIs for integration into your application. We use a sophisticated process of parsing zone files for Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and recreating country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). Many domain registries don’t distribute complete zone files so we process lots of data to recreate domains.

Daily updates

All our gTLDs and ccTlDS domain lists are updated daily.

All domains nameservers

Fetch all domains including their last seen nameservers from the API.

See newly registered domains

Figure out which generic TLDs have been registered today using our API.

Advanced domain grabbing

We use our own technology to find and validate domain names.

CSV download

You will be able to download a list of every individual Top-Level-Domain as a CSV file.

API access

Our API allows your to download all domain lists in an automated environment.

Get real-time updates of certificates being issued

We provide the certificate transparency logs by all issuers via our unified feeds interface. This allows you to develop your own applications to protect your brand, find malicious certificates, and get a general overview of certificates that are unknown to you. We include all important certificate information, such as issuer, common names (domain names), fingerprints, subjects, and expiration dates.

Issuers we Monitor

As certificate transparency logs become more widespread, we’re constantly adding new data sources. Currently we include Google, Cloudflare, Digicert, Certly, Izenpe, WoSign, Venafi, CNNIC, StartCom, and Comodo.


Real-time ingest from all known issuers. Ability to find new certificates that companies registered, new subdomains and new potential phishing vectors.


Over 1.35 Billion current and expired certificates you can search and mine. Find and understand which certs have been registered to a domain or organization.

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