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Our mission

SecurityTrails strives to make the biggest treasure-trove of cyber intelligence data readily available in an instant. We work relentlessly to empower experts so they can thwart future attacks with up-to-date data, proprietary tools, and custom solutions.

A Security Beast Built Bit By Bit

We started because we were tired. Tired of combing through domain lists and forensic data manually, tired of searching through numerous sites for all the data we needed. We patiently waited for the perfect tool, but it never came. Our solution had to be vast, fast, and able to update daily — so we assembled a talented team and built it from scratch.

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The Team

Chris Ueland, CEO & Co-Founder at SecurityTrails

Chris Ueland

CEO & Co-Founder

Courtney Couch, CTO & Co-Founder at SecurityTrails

Courtney Couch

CTO & Co-Founder

Fred Madarshahian, VP Operations at SecurityTrails

Fred Madarshahian

VP Operations

Misa Miletic, Solutions Engineer at SecurityTrails

Misa Miletic

Solutions Engineer

Eduardo Roldan, DevOps Engineer at SecurityTrails

Eduardo Roldan

DevOps Engineer

Yevhenii Kurtov, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Yevhenii Kurtov


Rufino Cabang, Content at SecurityTrails

Rufino Cabang


Theresa Loos, HR Coordinator at SecurityTrails

Theresa Loos

HR Coordinator

Uros Cirkovic, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Uros Cirkovic


Nicolas Pence, Security Researcher at SecurityTrails

Nicolas Pence

Security Researcher

Zarko Ilic, Support Engineer at SecurityTrails

Zarko Ilic

Support Engineer

Svetlana Akulova, Financial Operations Analyst at SecurityTrails

Svetlana Akulova

Financial Operations Analyst

Yashodhan Kocharekar, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Yashodhan Kocharekar


Louie Frias, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Louie Frias


Igor Prelic, Support Engineer at SecurityTrails

Igor Prelic

Support Engineer

Dusan Knezevic, Web Developer at SecurityTrails

Dusan Knezevic

Web Developer

Janne Lehtinen, UX Engineer at SecurityTrails

Janne Lehtinen

UX Engineer

Sara Jelen, Marketing Specialist at SecurityTrails

Sara Jelen

Marketing Specialist

Esteban Borges, Marketing & Research Manager at SecurityTrails

Esteban Borges

Marketing & Research Manager

Anton Mishchuk, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Anton Mishchuk


Kris Lopez, Client Success Manager at SecurityTrails

Kris Lopez

Client Success Manager

Ilija Subasic, PhD, Data Scientist at SecurityTrails

Ilija Subasic, PhD

Data Scientist

Sarah Jones, Executive Assistant at SecurityTrails

Sarah Jones

Executive Assistant

Milos Bolic, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Milos Bolic


Kristen Cinalli, Head of Client Solutions at SecurityTrails

Kristen Cinalli

Head of Client Solutions

Monika London, Engineering Project Manager at SecurityTrails

Monika London

Engineering Project Manager

Natalia Rawska, Client Solutions Manager at SecurityTrails

Natalia Rawska

Client Solutions Manager

German Hoeffner, Head of Marketing at SecurityTrails

German Hoeffner

Head of Marketing

Alexander Gebhardt, Engineer at SecurityTrails

Alexander Gebhardt


Jay Pampellona, Frontend Developer at SecurityTrails

Jay Pampellona

Frontend Developer

Service Disruption

API, SurfaceBrowser
Feb 4th, 04:22 PM

Test status - UPDATED

“ Identifying the issue ”
impact: none | status: identified
API, Feeds
Feb 4th, 04:19 PM

Api and Feeds pages effected

“ Investigating the issue with the Api ”
impact: minor | status: investigating
Corporate Website
Jan 27th, 12:01 PM

Main site minor issue

“ Site test issue that was identified and in the process of resolution. Our staff is working to mitigate the issue. ”
impact: minor | status: identified