Forensics API

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Key features

DNS Record History

It’s all here, fully-indexed historic and current data, ready to be accessed asap.

Domain Historical WHOIS Data

Search nearly 3 billion historical and current WHOIS data and WHOIS changes.

Domain Names

Search our daily-updating database – it’s over 203 million deep and growing.

Website Technologies

Know what tech sites are running, and search by over a thousand technologies.

Passive DNS

Get monthly access to over 1 billion passive DNS datasets.

Instant IP & Domain search

Get the most current intel when it comes to IPs, domains, and hostnames in real-time.

Hostname Information

Get the scoop on www subs and all known subdomains.


Searching is fast and simple with tagged and indexed intel.

Coming Soon Full API (in beta) & Site Explorer.

SecurityTrails Feature overview

Forensics makes it simple

Cyber Forensics

Find suspicious changes to DNS records and see how incidents correlate.

Powering Reputation Scoring Systems

Get the info that helps stop bad actors, know what domain and IPs they use and take charge.

Threat Hunting

Track down command and control servers and get the latest malware info.

Online Fraud Investigation

Research fraudulent activity and have the intel needed to stop them in the future.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Get the full picture when it comes to knowing an entity’s online assets and hidden details.

Brand Protection

Know instantly if your brand’s trademark or copyright is being used on fraudulent domains.

Power Next-gen Firewalls

Big data makes for better security. Put reputation scoring and indexed intel to work in making your site more secure.

Crime investigation

Gathering evidence has never been easier, follow the links and get all the facts.

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