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Easy to use web interface that allows you to query our data instantly. Zoom right into any companies infrastructure — no matter if you need to perform security audits on clients, find shadow infrastructure on your own network or need to audit your supply chain.

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Total domain intelligence

Our domain intelligence comes as the perfect magnifying glass that lets discover everything about domain names, subdomains, DNS and who’s behind any website.

  • Activity for newly observed subdomains
  • Current forward and reverse DNS
  • DNS historical records
  • Subdomain mapping
  • WHOIS information
  • SSL certificates

Complete IP blocks

Access full IP information from one centralized place, where you can see every detail and pivot between all related information.

  • Discover all IP subnets and blocks
  • Exact geolocation
  • RIR information
  • Hosted domains
  • Open ports revealed

Complete IP blocks

Company associations

Company associations

Take a step forward, by looking into associated data that no one else has, a perfect resource for risk management and company profile auditing.

  • Associated domains
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Suborganizations

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SecurityTrails Feeds

Extensive ccTLD coverage — our Feeds include all gTLDs and ccTLDs registered. We also offer daily updated feeds of subdomains, SPF and DMARC data.

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SecurityTrails API

A powerful, easy to integrate REST-API that allows you to query Domain and IP related data, such as WHOIS, historical DNS records and SSL Certificates. Your perfect ally for infosec teams.

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Attack Surface Reduction

The perfect attack surface analysis tool for exploring the surface of any company within seconds, so you can detect and reduce your attack vectors before the bad guys take advantage.

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