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The Bug Bounty Hunter's Toolkit is the perfect ally for Axiom. Together you can dive into the most accurate and current security data, and access it instantly with our lighting-fast API. Get critical data that makes spotting bugs fast and easier.

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* The Bug Bounty Hunter's Toolkit is ony available to Bug Bounty Hunters. Any commercial use beyond bug hunting is not permitted.

The Ultimate Bug Bounty Toolkit for Axiom Users

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Check CircleSecurity data API access Check Circle2500 queries/month Check CircleSubdomain mapping Check CircleAssociated domains Check CircleDSL v1 access Check CircleDNS and WHOIS history Check CircleCode samples for JS, Python, GO, and more Check CircleAPI Docs and& Technical Support

It's extremely useful for tracking threat actor / DNS changes and identifying sinkhole c2's and TA infrastructure

Patrik Fehrenbach Stök Fredrik Hacker

The data and the accuracy that @securitytrails is offering is beyond amazing, a huge time-saver... and opens a whole new world.

Patrik Fehrenbach Patrik Fehrenbach Security Researcher

Cheers @securitytrails love that you note when a DNS change has been made.

Patrik Fehrenbach Random Robbie Hacker

A True Competitive Edge

Speed up security research with Axiom + Bug Bounty Hunter's Toolkit

Reveal Open Ports

Accelerate your recon with our powerful DSLv1 access to discover open ports and correlete PTR data instantly.

Easy Subdomain Mapping

Perform comprehensive subdomain mapping in the blink of an eye. Discover dev and production subdomains from any company.

Find Associated Domains

No more manual correlation, we locate all associated domains of even the biggest organizations.

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