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Security Data for Top Security Teams and Companies

Tap into a treasure-trove of cyber security gold for info you can’t find anywhere else. We’re proud to offer security analysts and developers the most current DNS and domain intel with our powerful API.

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Coventry University

Recorded Future

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SecurityTrails API

APIs for Security Companies, Researchers and Teams

Fast, always up API that allows you to access current and historical data. The API is paid via a simple pricing structure that allows you to embed our data into your applications.

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All the data you need, in one place

3.4 Trillion

Historical DNS lookups

3 Billion

Historical WHOIS records

1.1 Billion

Total hostnames tracked

354 Million

Total Domains tracked

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SecurityTrails Feeds

High-quality data feeds for data enrichment

We use a sophisticated process of parsing zone files for Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and recreating country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). We make them available from simple CSV download files or APIs that you can integrate into your application.

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Security health from a distance

Instantly click through the external internet surface area of any company from a single unified web interface. Understand security health from a distance and find needles in the haystack.

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"We spent a ton of time and effort building out our own domain lists, but we gave up when we found SecurityTrails – the data was better than anything else we've seen, and allowed us to focus on our core product."

Ben Dowling
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"SecurityTrails solves the headache of accurately mapping a company's footprint with data you can't find anywhere else. If you are a security analyst or developer, you will get tremendous value from the most current domain intel through their API."

Bill Ladd

"SecurityTrails is my source of truth when it comes to threat hunting and research. The speed of the API is crazy and the integrations with automation tools and SIEM tools makes it an easy choice."

Mickey Perre

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Use SecurityTrails API to fetch any domain and whois related data: Our easy to use API can help you enriching your datasets or adding value to your service.

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