Accurate and reliable information security data and tools are a go. Save time gathering and correlating data, so you can focus more on securing your infrastructure.

Attack Surface Intelligence™

Mitigating risk is easy with asset inventory, discovery tools, and monitoring. ASI is a customized solution, please contact us for an estimate.

SecurityTrails API™

Sign up for free and get 50 queries a month. Check current and historic DNS records, plus domain and IP data, or pick a more robust solution with WHOIS capabilities.


Explore the surface of any organization: Know DNS records, associated domains, IP blocks, open ports.

SecurityTrails Feeds™

The latest intel updated daily. Keep up with changes in Domain/subdomain, SSL certificates, internet-facing assets, and more. Since Feeds is a customized solution, please contact us for an estimate.

Attack Surface Intelligence™

Gain total understanding of your internet-facing infrastructure and manage all your assets easily.

Attack Surface Intelligence™
  • Inventory Management

    An easy-to-use web-based dashboard allows you to pivot between IP blocks, domain names, SSL certificates, WHOIS registrars and DNS records.
  • Attack Surface Intel

    Get the full picture about your company’s attack surface, see all open ports, affected IPs, domains, hosting provider and more.
  • Risk Detection

    Understand the different security risk that your project may be facing, including: open database ports, self signed certificates, and exposed staging/dev subdomains.
  • Comprehensive IP Tools

    Find IP geolocation, port history, associated devices, IPs, user-agent activity, hosted domains, P2P activity logs, remote access and detected VPNs.
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Queries per month
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Current DNS records
Historical DNS records
Get Subdomains
Domain WHOIS  
Current WHOIS
Historical WHOIS
Reverse WHOIS searching
WHOIS searching
IP address research
Reverse DNS searching
Advanced Features  
DSL - Domain Specific Language
Associated domains
Consulting services
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For commercial use
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If you're an student or researcher wanting to use our products please contact us.


Know everything about a single domain or any organization’s public surface instantly.

  • Fast Internet Scans

    Updated daily and curated to detect open ports; fetch domain intelligence and critical IP data in seconds.
  • Search by

    Company name, domains, subdomains, TLDs, registrar, DNS values (MX, NS, CNAME, SOA Mail, IPv4, IPv6) WHOIS entries, domain creation, and experation dates.
  • Company Intel

    Find IP blocks, associated domains, subdomains, reverse DNS entries, certificates, WHOIS entries, and DNS history.
  • IP Data

    Get accurate IP geolocation, ASN information, IP type, logged user-agents, and more.
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SecurityTrails Feeds™

Get curated and current feeds for your cybersecurity team. Put our data to work on all your web, terminal, and desktop applications for greater awareness.

SecurityTrails Feeds™
  • Domain Data

    Access a complete list of all domains (ccTLD and gTLD), DMARC scans and full list of subdomains.
  • Company Intel

    Use associated domains to reveal real domain attribution, plus explore all certificate transparency log data.
  • IP & Port Data

    Shine a light on exposed apps and services with exhaustive active and passive port scans.
  • Custom Feeds

    Get fully customized data that's tailored to your applications.

SecurityTrails Feeds™ is a custom solution. Contact us for an accurate estimate.

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