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New Feature: Find every domain someone owns automatically

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Update: this feature has been moved to SurfaceBrowser™, our all in one OSINT tool. Get full access to historical WHOIS records, open ports, SSL certificates, and other recon data in an instant. Book a demo today!

Today, we are excited to announce our latest feature which we have been working on for the past weeks. It is the Whois aggregation tool that is now available on DNSTrails.

In the past, searching for domain owners took lot of time, because most of the time you needed to have the domain names pointed to an IP address in order to find the rest of the domains owned by the same person.

Using that old method you could easily lose hours and hours each day by researching and crossing results and data between one tool and another until you got the domain list you wanted.

Thanks to this new tool and our intelligent WHOIS database, now you can search for any domain name and get the full list of domains registered by that organization or person and get accurate results within seconds.

How can I use the Whois aggregation feature?

Step 1: Open up [][3]

Step 2: Search for any domain name, for example:

Step 3: After you get the results for the domain name, locate the Whois information block as you see below:

Domain name search results

Step 4: You will notice there is a phone number and email address associated with the domain name.

Step 5: Click on the links at the right, you will easily find the rest of the domain names registered with the same telephone and email address.

All domain names by the same owner

This means, that even if the domains doesn't even have IPs pointed at the registrar, we can still discover the rest of the domains if they use the same phone and mail address, pretty useful if you are investigating domain ownership from any individual on the Internet.

Ever wanted to know which other domains are owned by a person? Try the WHOIS aggregation feature at [DNStrails][3] yourself or get in touch with us for API access.

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