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SecurityTrails Blog · Sep 23 · by Sara Jelen

SecurityTrails Acquires Asset Monitoring Provider Surface.io

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ORLANDO, FL, September 14, 2021 - SecurityTrails, the Total Internet Inventory, announced it has invested in the enterprise-ready asset monitoring provider Surface.io in an effort to deliver continuous attack surface monitoring through their Attack Surface Reduction platform.

"SecurityTrails' comprehensive inventory combined with Surface.io's rapid identification of risky assets and services will provide our customers complete visibility into their real-time attack surface." - Chris Ueland, CEO & Co-Founder, SecurityTrails

While launching their attack surface management offering, SecurityTrails conducted over 50 customer interviews to assess areas of improvement. Surface.io filled those gaps with its continuous asset monitoring capabilities, featuring best of breed modern code and expertise to make the concept of assets, applications and endpoints known.

Surface.io discovers all assets in a company's external infrastructure and uses best of breed analysis to provide targeted data gathering on assets that really matter. This provides security teams the ability to ask crucial questions and confirm hypotheses about their external infrastructure. With this acquisition, SecurityTrails aims to empower over 125,000 users worldwide to get intel on their internet assets faster and with greater accuracy to eliminate any potential security threats.

"As we take this incredible tool and scale it to the entire internet, we will greatly increase our ability to identify critical risks and establish a complete picture of your infrastructure. This is a huge step forward in our mission to ensure you are never blindsided by unknown risks," states Courtney Couch, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer.

SecurityTrails team is excited to welcome the power and features of Surface.io to help them further their mission to become the Total Internet Inventory. Integration with Surface.io has already begun and features will be accessible to customers soon.

About SecurityTrails

SecurityTrails is a total inventory that curates comprehensive domain and IP address data for users and applications that demand clarity. By combining current and historic data of all Internet assets, SecurityTrails is the proven solution for 3rd-party risk assessment, attack surface reduction and threat hunting. From knowing an organization's attack surface, shadow infrastructure, and spotting new domains, SecurityTrails makes sure there's nothing left to be discovered. Learn more at www.securitytrails.com and follow us on Twitter @securitytrails.

Sara Jelen Blog Author

Sara believes the human element is often at the core of all cybersecurity issues. It’s this perspective that brings a refreshing voice to the SecurityTrails team. Her ability to bridge cognitive/social motivators and how they impact the cybersecurity industry is always enlightening.

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