Cybersecurity Industry Interviews with Entrepreneurs and Researchers

The security industry is growing quickly and it’s easy to get all caught up in the technical aspects of our jobs. This often comes at the price of forgetting one crucial part of “People, Processes and Technology”, and that is the people — the humans who make this industry what it is. To complement our usual technical content, we began talking to people in the industry, the movers and shakers behind it.

We wanted to share how they made their way into security, what mindset is needed to create and grow a product, and everything that can shed a light on how to get into and succeed in cybersecurity.

Our interview series is now almost two years old, and during that time we’ve had the chance to talk to over 15 security experts, entrepreneurs and researchers. Each interview has a different focus, and shares a story from each guest’s individual perspective and their unique lessons and tips. The objective of these interviews is not only to talk about their jobs, products and experiences, but also to get to know them as people. We wish to share a glimpse into their everyday lives, and even learn what they like to do for fun.

After some time conducting our interview series, we added another format: ProTips. Here, we get a security expert to share their quick power tips on different aspects of security. We’ve featured tips for subdomain takeovers with Patrik Hudak, bug bounty hunting with Random Robbie, and we silenced the internet with none other than Andrew Morris. While still in its early days, ProTips is expected to grow and you can expect more expert tips from your industry favorites.

Being Okay With Not Being Okay: Getting Candid with Ben Sadeghipour — NahamSec
SecurityTrails Blog · Jun 22 2021 · by Sara Jelen

Being Okay With Not Being Okay: Getting Candid with Ben Sadeghipour — NahamSec

Cyber resilience is vital for organizations of all sizes across all industries; it is no wonder the cybersecurity industry is evolving at such a rapid pace. Ethical hackers, security researchers, and professionals play one of the most valuable roles in safeguarding organizations from malicious actors. While organizations embrace new technologies and recruit more security professionals to aid, one aspect often remains overlooked.