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SecurityTrails Blog · Jan 15 · by Esteban Borges

3,450 Trump Family's Registered Domains Exposed

Reading time: 2 minutes

Days ago, we were surprised by our findings about how FBI.gov is proxied through Cloudflare, as well as many other cool things about this most famous US law agency. Today we have new interesting information about the Trump empire.

Trump isn't only the last name of the current POTUS, it's also the name of a business empire established decades ago. Some of its more well-known domain names include Trump.com and TrumpStore.com.

Recently, @thezedwards discovered how useful DNSTrails can be by finding that Trump's digital management team seems to be using {{ '[email protected]'|safe_email }} as the associated email for all their registered domain names.

Trump Family registered domain names

This led to all Trump-based domains being exposed. These total around 3,450 domains (costing around $37k/year) and include pretty funny names, such as:

  • DonaldTrumpSucks.com
  • DonaldTrumpPonziScheme.com
  • DonaldTrumpPyramidScheme.com
  • DonaldTrumpWontShutUp.com
  • IHateTrumpVodka.com
  • BestBuyTrump.com
  • BluffTrump.com
  • ComplainToTrump.com
Eric Marries Lara website

Among those 3,450 domains, there are some gems, such as @EricTrump's wedding website, www.ericmarrieslara.com, or these Ivanka Trump based domains:

  • IvankaInternational.com
  • IvankaJewelry.com
  • IvankaKushner.com
  • IvankaLamps.com
  • IvankaLamps.net
  • IvankaLights.com
  • IvankaLights.net
  • IvankaLtd.com

In addition to domains for their personal and business uses, the Trump Family are clearly trying to protect themselves from outsiders registering (sometimes awkward) domain names associated with the family members or taking advantage of their business activities.

As you can see, the unlimited power of our intelligent domain, DNS, and WHOIS database can lead to very interesting findings – even ones involving the President of the United States and his family members.

Start digging with DNSTrails and if you find anything interesting, let us know; we have a cool [Data Bounty Program][bounty] waiting for your contribution!

The illustration on this page can be used accompanied with a link to this post. Download a high-resolution version here.

Esteban Borges Blog Author

Esteban is a seasoned cybersecurity specialist, and marketing manager with nearly 20 years of experience. Since joining SecurityTrails in 2017 he’s been our go-to for technical server security and source intelligence info.

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