Product Manifesto

Making the incomprehensible, comprehensible. Making the inaccessible, accessible.

There’s a massive amount of data available on the internet that can be used for research, to build products on, to minimize risk, or to just explore. Unfortunately this data is nearly incomprehensible because of the sheer magnitude of it. Our goal is to make it easy to leverage this data in a simple comprehensible way so you can finally take advantage of it. The goals in building our service are to build a product that’s:


We want to make it as easy as possible to consume and make sense of the massive data we are assembling. This means simplicity is a at the core of everything we do. This means removing friction, removing superfluous data, and making sure we focus on the result desired rather throwing the kitchen sink at you.


Collapsing the irrelevant and expanding the relevant. You may not know exactly what you need, it’s our job to try to find data that’s the most relevant and show that to you, and collapse the data that isn’t. This means taking your searches and exploring our many TB datasets to pull intriguing information, giving you the ability to explore.


Every bit of data we provide in our interface is available in our API. You are welcome to explore the console, but there’s nothing preventing you from building tools to explore the data. We aim to make the data available to you in any way you’d like to consume it.


Our mission is to collect as much data as possible to augment our ability to find patterns, help you create powerful solutions, and give you immense power to explore the state of the internet. This means a major focus for us is identifying new datasets, cleaning them up, and merging them into our dataset.


It’s pointless to have a massive dataset if you can’t get answers in a timely manner. It’s our expectation that we can provide you incredibly detailed results in a near instant way. We’re spending considerable technical resources building our data in a way that allows us to scan many terabytes of data to build incredibly useful results and aggregations.


If you’re like us, you hate black boxes. We want to be completely transparent on our data, any quirks with it, what we do and don’t have. We strive for perfect data, but perfect data is an impossible goal, we’ll always keep you informed on our march toward it clearly. If you are going to rely on us, it’s critical that you are informed.


If you need our data to cover your blind spots, or inform important decisions you have to make, you need to be able to depend on us. This means we need to have incredibly high uptime standards as a critical component in your infrastructure. For us, that leads to exotic architectures and an incredible amount of redundancy in order to make sure that we’re able to provide you the data you need at the very moment you need it.


Many of the values that drive our product are with the intention that you can build your own products leveraging our APIs. This means the APIs must be simple to understand and designed to allow you to get just the data you need in a reliable and immediate way. We keep this in mind as we add data and add data points. Composability is a a result of a combination of our values so you can sleep well with a product that depends on our APIs.

Built with passion

We love data. Our entire team loves data. The passion for wrangling our massive datasets should be clear from both the quality of the product and our filler-free blog posts. As we grow our team we’re focused on recruiting only the most data obsessed candidates. Recruiting the best data scientists, the best security researches, and others who find our product their absolute dream service.

So what it comes down to...

As people who’ve dreamed about a product like this for most of our professional career, we’re taking care to build the product in a way that really will set the standard for big data services. If you aren’t blown away by the speed, reliability, scale, and simplicity of the data we can provide you then we haven’t done our job.