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What is SecurityTrails?

SecurityTrails is a Data Security company. Our ultimate goal is to offer the best intel-reconnaissance, threat intelligence and attack surface intelligence tools to boost your blue-team and red-team needs.

Our technologies and services include deep interaction with passive DNS servers, historical DNS records, reverse DNS, IP blocks, domain names, associated domain names, WHOis historical data, open ports, SSL Certificate Transparency logs, and much more.

Who is SecurityTrails For?

Blue Teams & IT Managers

Detect and prevent cybersecurity issues in your company by exploring the unseen area of your DNS records, domain names, IP addresses, SSL certificates and open ports. Harden your cybersecurity defences by detecting critical exposed data in your online assets.

Red Team & Ethical Hackers

Perform data reconnaissance within seconds and find, cross-relate and pivot between all the intelligence information we offer. Enhance your attack simulation processes by getting access to critical domain intel such as open ports, software versions, SSL certificates, domain DNS records, IP blocks and much more.

Bug Bounty Hunters

SecurityTrails is a staple for bug bounty hunters. Perform a full DNS enumeration, find associated domains, expired SSL certificates and related IP blocks in seconds. Improve your data reconnaissance process in an instant to receive recognition and compensation when reporting bugs, vulnerabilities or exploits.

Legal Teams

Are you losing too much time tracking down copyright and trademark infringement activities? Discover, prevent and monitor any company name, products and trademarks instantly from an easy web interface. It’s ideal for legal team members in charge of protecting any company brand name for illegal usage, phishing and other malicious activities.

Marketing Teams

Spy on your competition! Our passive DNS database, along with historical WHOIS records, will enable you to gather information about any of your competitors. Discover any of your competitors’ plans by detecting WHOIS data changes, find new registered domains or subdomains of any new projects they’re working on, anticipate competitors’ actions in terms of business development, buy profitable domain names, and much more.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Collect detailed information about any company’s breach and security history easily with our passive DNS database. Our software applications will enable you to perform an historical dump of all your client’s internal infrastructure and surface area, including apex domains, subdomains, DNS records, associated domains, complete IP blocks and PTR records. It’s the perfect service for those in the risk management and cybersecurity insurance business.

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We offer 4 different type of products based on your needs, and the type of IT role you’re playing.

Product Useful for Helps you to Pricing
SecurityTrails API™ Security researchers, red teams, threat intelligence companies, cybersecurity insurance Integrate IP, DNS, SSL and open ports data security into your own applications. Free
SurfaceBrowser™ Blue teams, legal teams, marketing teams, IT managers, cybersecurity insurance Discover unseen areas of any online infrastructure: IP blocks, domains, DNS records, SSL certificates and more. Get a quote
Attack Surface Intelligence Blue teams, security researchers, IT managers Reduce your attack surface area by detecting outdated software, open ports, related domains and more. Monitor, prevent and manage all your IT assets. Get a quote