Why Us?

We’re uncompromising.

We dig deeper, faster, for a clearer understanding. We know what’s on the line if a risk goes unnoticed, and the magnitude of a difficult decision. That’s why we relentlessly innovate and update, so you can make sound judgements confidently. SecurityTrails brings you the data and service other intel firms can’t.

"SecurityTrails solves the headache of accurately mapping a company's footprint with data you can't find anywhere else. If you are a security analyst or developer, you will get tremendous value from the most current domain intel through their API." — Bill Ladd | Recorded Future

"The SecurityTrails API was not only easy to integrate but the richness of the data really elevated the capabilities of SpiderFoot." — Steve Micallef | Spiderfoot

"We spent a ton of time and effort building out our own domain lists, but we gave up when we found SecurityTrails – the data was better than anything else we've seen, and allowed us to focus on our core product." — Ben Dowling | IPinfo.IO

"We were dreading parsing and storing WHOIS and DNS data until we found SecurityTrailsAPI. We integrated in just a day." — Jonathan Weber | AbuseIPDB

"The wealth of information really is incredible and available through a great API." — Todd Robinson | InMotionHosting

"SecurityTrails is my source of truth when it comes to threat hunting and research. The speed of the API is crazy and the integrations with automation tools and SIEM tools makes it an easy choice." — Mickey Perre | Splunk

Unrivaled Data Instantly

Not only big, but smart. Our quality data and research tools deliver the intel you need at blazing fast speeds. Why wait days, hours, or minutes, when you can have it now?

3.4 trillion historical DNS lookups

3 billion historical WHOIS records

1.3 billion total hostnames tracked daily

418 million total domains tracked daily

Optimized Workflow

Pivot when you need to. Go back and forth between massive amounts of critical data for quicker conclusions.

Time Saving Tools

Our products are engineered for automation and easy integration with existing applications. Save time on monitoring, curating and reporting.

Multiple Data Sources

A trustworthy mix of sources delivers the most comprehensive results. We actively monitor, curate, and license data so you can see it all.

Proprietary Passive DNS

Our passive DNS data powers our products and makes us faster than the competition. Investigate an incident, or identify a threat in less time than ever.

Comprehensive Data

No need to look or pay elsewhere, we automatically collect and license data from registrars and third-parties to ensure your dataset is complete.

Advanced Tracking

Set the assets you want to track and be the first to know of any changes: domains, IPs, DNS records, and more.

Versatile Integration

SecurityTrails’ data is the most compatible bar none. Put it to work through our fast API or feed, or integrate it with the following platforms.

Spiderfoot Intrigue theHarvester MISP Splunk

Truly Customized Solutions

From supporting agile startups to sprawling organizations, we have a solution that will fit. Just tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll provide you with the tools and support.

Only What You Need

Create a tailored system by mixing and matching products. Stay on top of some or all your concerns like: intellectual property, attack surface management, reputation management, supply chain intel, cybersecurity, and more.

Noise Reduction

Set your parameters and we’ll filter and curate your data automatically. No more wasting time combing through irrelevant data.

Custom Customer Support

Do you need white-glove service with your own account manager? Or help setting up your rules and tagging assets? Tell us what you’d like and we’ll accommodate. Even pick the best method to keep in contact with us.

What do you want to accomplish?

Don’t hold back, speak honestly with one of our security experts and they’ll find the perfect solution for your team and budget.

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