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Easy to use web interface that allows you to query our data instantly. Zoom right into any companies infrastructure — no matter if you need to perform security audits on clients, find shadow infrastructure on your own network or need to audit your supply chain.

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SecurityTrails offers more data around Domain and IP relationships. We can help you easily integrate security relevant data in your workflows or applications.

SurfaceBrowser can help you reveal your shadow infrastructure! A study* shows that 35% of employees feel they need to work around security measures. Find your shadow infrastructure efficiently — without any scanning involved.


*RSA: The Confessions Survey: Office Workers Reveal Everyday Behavior That Places Sensitive Information at Risk, 2007

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SecurityTrails Feeds

SecurityTrails API

Extensive ccTLD coverage — our Feeds include all gTLDs and ccTLDs registered. We also offer daily updated feeds of subdomains, SPF and DMARC data.

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SecurityTrails API

SecurityTrails API

A powerful, easy to integrate REST-API that allows you to query Domain and IP related data, such as WHOIS, historical DNS records and much more.

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